Bolsover Castle

Bolsover is one of the great English castles. It is almost like several castles in one and is a time capsule of a great, now long-lost age of aristocratic chivalry. Perched high on a windy ledge above the Derbyshire vale below, it looks like it has been lifted straight from a fairy-tale. Built on an […]

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Wollaton Hall

Standing on a hillside a few miles to the east of the ancient city of Nottingham is one of England’s greatest houses. Surrounded by 500 acres of open park land, which since the fourteenth century has been home to herds of wild deer. This is a truly phenomenal building, awe-inspiring in its grandeur and positively […]

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Another Place, Crosby Beach

On Crosby beach a few miles north of the City of Liverpool there is a spectacular sculpture unlike any other. This is known as ‘Another Place’ by the world-famous sculpture Anthony Gormley. Gormley was responsible for the famous sculpture ‘The Angel of the North’ in 1998. Crosby beach stretches for over two miles where the […]

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Cotton Pool (Adam’s pool)

There is a curious pool located within the Dell Nature reserve in Cotton. These are known locally as ‘Adam’s pool’s’. It is known that these pools are artificial, have no recorded origin and could have been stewponds made by the original Cistercians monks of Cotton abbey. Adam himself was Adam Ratcliffe, a semi-hermit of the […]

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Helmsley Castle

Helmsley castle is one of the most dramatic castles in North Yorkshire. Nestled away in the beautiful ancient town of Helmsley the castle spans many centuries and has the appearance of being melted by the hands of time. The remains are extraordinarily picturesque, as is the very small but bustling town which the castle looms […]

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Sinai Park House

There is a truly fascinating place on a hill overlooking the Staffordshire town of Burton-upon-Trent. This place has been highly prized for its position and its healing powers for well over a millennium hiding secrets and tales of intrigue dating back to Roman times and most likely long before. The site is in the process […]

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Conisborough castle

Conisbrough is a castle that really captures the imagination.   The famous six-sided keep, built over 840 years ago still looms large over the town, standing almost 100 feet high from its base with dramatic views stretching over 20 miles.  It is a quintessential medieval castle with all the enigmatic romanticism and knightly connotations duly attached.  […]

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Whitby Abbey

Thousands of years of lore and legend lie beneath this deeply hallowed ground. This place has stood defiant and alone since the beginning of time, in the face of the relentless and abrasive North Sea elements. Today the spectacular, atmospheric ruins of Whitby Abbey are some of the most famous and recognisable in England. The […]

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St. Mary’s church, Whitby

This church is situated in one of the most dramatic settings in all of England. High about the relentless waves of the North Sea hundreds of feet below, the church stands alone and steadfast in the face of the bracing elements, as it has done for well over a millennium. The church and it’s graveyard […]

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The Wrekin is visible for miles around and can be seen easily from Stoke on Trent and the Staffordshire Moorlands on a clear day, some 34 miles away.  The Wrekin is Shropshire’s best-known landmark, and the saying, “All around the Wrekin” is in common use far beyond the county boundaries to mean meandering or “Going […]

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St Andrew’s church, Wroxeter

St. Andrew’s church in Wroxeter stands within the boundaries of the ancient Roman town of Viroconium. The church as well as the farmsteads and manor houses surrounding it incorporate Roman bricks and stones throughout their buildings.  As you approach the area of the church there are remnants of previous civilisations all around and a real […]

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Butterton Moor

There is a famous legend in the lore of Staffordshire known as the headless horseman of Butterton Moor. It is the story of a devilish ghostly apparition that is said to roam the bleak moors and deserted country roads around midnight between the small villages of Grindon, Butterton and Onecote. It is thought that the […]

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