Windywaycross – Ipstones Edge

On Ipstones Edge, high on the Staffordshire Moorlands stands what is said to be an early Christian Standing stone which dates to around 1,200 years ago.

It is thought that the stone is a ‘Menhir’ or ‘Monolith’ – a name in Western Europe for a single upright stone erected in prehistoric times.

Overlooking the spectacular Manifold valley

It is remarkably similar to a stone which stands at Hoftons cross, a mile away in the village of Cauldon Lowe (

People have been intrigued by the stone for centuries and it is not known whether it is in its original position. There are some curious markings on the stone, one appears to be in a flat ‘H’ shape and one is a date marker from 1882. This could have been an important way marker in prehistoric times or part of a cross which it’s name and the adjacent farm might suggest. One thing is for certain – it has withstood the unrelenting Staffordshire Moorlands elements for over a millennium.

As the sun sets on a tranquil evening it stands high on the ridge with views stretching right over the Churnet valley and south to Rugeley and Cannock Chase and south west to The Wrekin in Shropshire.

Graffiti Inscription on the stone from 1882

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